Zippo COLLECTIBLE Edition 2018 – Harley-Davidson – 60.004.326-189.95 €

Zippo Collectible 2018 Harley Davidson Lighter Made in USA – Multicut Edition 360° Deep Engraving Deep Engraving in Collector’s Box Zippo – The Original with Cult Status A magnificent highlight in every Zippo Collection Unmistakable Lighter with many properties replaceable lighter, cotton wool and wick – Refillable Petrol Tank The Lighter is unfilled/brand new original images from our

Product Features

  • Zippo – the original from the USA
  • Zippo – only real with the flame
  • Zippo – the legendary windproof lighter

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Zippo 205 60002645 PL Harley-Davidson Lighter, Brass, Satin Chrome, 1 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm
Zippo Unisex Adult Pit Bull Emblem Windproof Pocket Lighter - Chrome

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